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I have decided that I need to a little bit more on the exercise front.

I have also decided that I will never manage to get down to a "gym." I'll just never make the time to do it. It's been part of my history. I just don't like going down to a spot to lift weights around people who are busy trying to do the same thing. It might be something carrying over from high-school, but it just feels too complicated.

That's why I decided to do push ups at work. I mean, if you're going to do something while working overnight, taking some time do some exercise isn't that huge a deal. Especially since I'm not leaving to do it. Then someone pointed me towards the the one hundred push up website. I thought, this would be an awesome idea.

It probably is, but I'm on week 1 day 2 and my arms are protesting loudly.

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Date: 2010-03-31 12:03 pm (UTC)
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My thing when it comes to exercise is to have something scheduled, like judo class or swim lessons. It's predictable and regular, the necessary arrangements for child care are made ahead of time, and I can't skip it by thinking that I'll do it another time during the week. That, and missing a class means wasting money.

Amen on staying away from the equipment room. I find classes/lessons/other activity things to contain more fun and less pretension.


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